Brian Bowen

Five-star wing Brian Bowen talks recruiting

CHICAGO -- Five-star wing Brian Bowen is getting close to making his college choice. Where do things stand in his recruitment? He spoke to Scout about it at the McDonald's All-American festivities.

Evan Daniels: What does being here mean to you?
Brian Bowen: It means the world to me. I have worked so hard for this all four years and all my life. I have looked up to the legends that have played in this game and it means the world to me to play with the best guys in the country in front of NBA scouts and everything it’s just a big time deal.

How has your game grown over the last year or so?
I feel like I have grown a lot as a person as well. Me growing as a person has helped me on the court, being more vocal, being really a leader for this team is a lot to do but I’ve really enjoyed it and I feel like I’ve grown just being more aggressive, getting bigger, everything.

Does playing the best guys from across the country bring out the best in you?
Oh it does for sure. Especially when guys start to talk a little junk, that’s really when I’m at my best honestly.

How’s the recruiting process going?
It’s going really good. I feel like I’ve handled it really well and in April I’m definitely going to make my decision, I’m not sure what day or not but I just took my time with it really. It’s the biggest decision I’ve ever made in my life coming up so you know I really wanted to take my time getting to know coaching staffs and everything and go form there.

Are you enjoying it?
I have enjoyed it plenty. It’s truly a blessing, there’s a lot of guys in the country that are recruited like that but not too many people recruited heavily how I have been so it’s been a blessing.

So where do things stand?
Still down to my same five schools, still talking to them, watching the guys in March Madness, and even before March Madness with the teams that didn’t make it. Just seeing what the teams are going to look like next year because that plays a big factor with my role going in any of the schools going with guys that are leaving and guys that are staying so that plays a big thing. I want to be on a winning team so with the guys that the schools have recruited, I have talked to those guys of all the schools so I’m going from there.

Do you think you will take any other visits?
I don’t think I will, no.

How was your visit to Michigan State?
It went really well. That was definitely one of my best visits, honestly. It was a short visit but it was great. Coach Izzo and his staff, they laid it out really well, they had a great speech for me, everything. It was definitely an informative visit so I really enjoyed it and being around the guys and everything.

Did that change anything with your recruitment?
I feel like, honestly with all my schools, I feel like I’m pretty even. You know I’m going to say that, but it did make me think about a lot more. Not with just Michigan State and Arizona but with all my schools, the talks I’ve had with all my schools, I’ve had to collaborate all of them and see who had the best interest in me so you know that’s what I’ve been processing over these past few months and I’m going to go from there.

What has Sean Miller’s pitch been to you?
Just going in, being on a great team with the guys they’ve recruited and you know just winning a National Championship and the amount of guys he’s had in my position get to the NBA. That’s a big pitch for him that he’s throwing at me and just coming in just being a scorer really, and being an all-around guy, just being an all-around everything, just going in and doing a little bit of everything.

Does Creighton getting Jacob Epperson factor into this deal?
Oh yeah, that’s big time. Knowing somebody at a college personally, it’s definitely big time. He’s even been talking in my ear a lot lately and the coaching staff has been talking about him a lot. I have grown to know their guys that they have had committed, you know they’re all great guys, so it means a lot.

Do you have a time frame of when you kind of want to end this recruitment?
Really just on how I want to make my decision and when because I feel like I am shrinking down to where I really want to go or where I’m thinking about I really want to go. I’ve just watched all of the teams and everything and seen their styles of play and everything so really up to me and my family and whenever we get that gut feeling of where I feel 100% about a school is when I will make my decision.

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