Cummard Considers Five

Lee Cummard, the #1 ranked shooting guard in the west, has five schools that he plans on visiting...

Lee Cummard, 6-6 SR SG Mesa (Ariz.) High, told us yesterday that he has five schools on his list.

"BYU, ASU, UCLA, Oregon and Oregon State are the five schools I'm looking at," said Cummard.

Cummard has official visits lined up with BYU on September 20th, Arizona State on October 4th and Oregon State on October 15th.

"I think I'm visiting UCLA and Oregon on the weeks before and after that Oregon State visit," said Cummard. "But I'm not sure about those dates."

Cummard's in-home visit schedule is as follows:

BYU 9-11
Oregon St. 9-15
ASU 9-16
Oregon 9-22
UCLA 9-23

An excellent student, Cummard will have no trouble qualifying. He plans on taking a two-year mission out of high school and enrolling in 2006.

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