A look at five prospects outside the top 100 who could make a big name for themselves in college

Every year three-star players make a huge impact on college basketball. Here is a look at five in the 2017 class who could be primed for excellent college careers.


The Saint Louis Billikens have one of the top recruiting classes coming into the Atlantic 10 and a huge part of that is Hasahn French. French is a rugged power forward who is as tough as it gets on the interior. He is a tremendous athlete who is very strong, and while he isn't super skilled, French can step out a little bit and make plays off the dribble or hit a short jumper. Still his bread and butter is rebounding and dominating on the glass.

Look for French to be an immediate contributor, possibly starter, for the Billikens as a freshman, and the odds of him having an excellent college career are very high. Because he is undersized for the power forward spot he was left out of the top 100, but French has a chance to be someone who is an all-league type of player before it is all said and done for Travis Ford.


It is a bit of a rebuild of sorts for the Wisconsin Badgers heading into the 2017-18 season. The Badgers lose the all-time winningest class in the history of the school and now a very strong 2017 recruiting class will be asked to fill the void. A big part of that class is Kobe KingKing is a one time top 100 prospect who has since fallen out of the rankings, but is also the type of player who the Badgers have had a ton of success with over the years.

King is a very good shot maker who has range well beyond the three point line, and also is solid off the dribble getting into the mid-range. While not an elite athlete, King is more than capable of finishing above the rim. Look for King to have an excellent career in Madison where he finds his way putting up a lot of points before it is all said and done.


One of the major surprises of the 2016-17 college basketball season was the play of Georgia TechThe Yellow Jackets had a tremendous season, and now they will bring in a very tough and impressive point guard in Jose AlvaradoJosh Pastner and his staff were able to get Alvarado out of New York City and head to Atlanta, and it could provide major dividends down the road.

Alvarado won't be super impressive physically when walking off the bus, but when you put him on the court he just makes plays. Alvarado is as tough as they come, and will do all of the little things needed to help his team get a win. He isn't a great shooter, but he finds a way to make big shots. He isn't a great athlete, but he will defend like crazy, and he isn't super explosive, but he knows how to get into the lane. Overall look for Alvarado to be a player who makes a ton of plays for the Yellow Jackets, and is a key cog in their future success.


He has never been the star on a high school team or an AAU team, but what Donnie Tillman is, is a tremendous role player who can do a little bit of everything. A very tough kid who will rebound, defend, and do just enough on the offensive end to be a problem, Tillman can put up big numbers even if he isn't a flashy player. Now he is set to bring his game to the Pac 12 playing at Utah.

The Utes definitely need someone like Tillman to make the rugged plays on the low block while also being a bit of a mismatch problem as a small ball power forward. Tillman is a good athlete with a tremendous motor, and should be someone who performs well for four years, and shows the value that he brings any high-major program.


Injuries got in the way of Christian David having an elite high school career, but the future Butler Bulldog could be a three-star who has a big impact on the college game. David combines good size on the wing with the ability to really shoot the basketball. Now the Canadian native appears fully healthy from a knee injury, and should be at his best before arriving in Indianapolis to play for the Bulldogs.

David's ability to shoot the ball both off the catch and off the bounce makes him a major weapon on the offensive end. Also David has a good feel for the game and is the type of player who just knows how to get open. Look for David to be someone who provides immediate depth on the wing, and in time becomes one of the most dangerous shot makers in the entire Big East.

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