Guibunda Arrives, Gets Busy Quickly

Cornelio Guibunda, a native of Mozambique, is making his way back to the States. Upon his return on Wednesday, colleges will be lining up in his living room to make their pitch.

On Wednesday, Cornelio Guibunda will arrive in the United States after a prolonged visit home to Mozambique. At that point, he jumps right into the recruiting mix.

The Georgetown Hoyas are in his home on Wednesday. Richmond comes into his home a week from them. Miami, Rutgers and Iowa State are also expected and Virginia is involved.

"There's a number of others who wanted to make home visits as well," Ervin Braun said. "Steve Lappas just called the other day and he's dying to come do a presentation. Villanova has also offered [to do a visit]."

After a summer of basketball in the United States, Guibunda returned home. Now, it's time to see who comes after him hard. "I was disappointed with what he's showed to people in July because I know he's much better than that," Braun said. "Now, we're in September and we're seeing who is really serious. He's a great kid. Everyone who meets him falls in love with him. All he wants is to get a good education. He comes from a good family."

And that's why schools like Georgetown, Virginia, Richmond, Rutgers, Miami and Iowa State are in the mix. Miami is also expected to receive an official visit.

"The parameters are very clear cut," Braun said. "We're not interested in a basketball factory. No. 1 is the academics that a school can offer. Big time basketball is appealing to him but we need to find a coach that will appreciate him as someone who is going to do more than score and rebound. He wants to have the total college experience. He'd like to be in warm weather but as time goes on he's maturing a little bit. I think the weather aspect is starting to dissipate. Things like immediate impact in the program are not significant to him. He wants a great school with a coach who is a good person."

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