Dwayne Cohill

Q&A with top 100 guard Dwayne Cohill

Four-star point guard Dwayne Cohill broke down his AAU season, development and recruiting process with Scout over the weekend at the adidas Gauntlet Atlanta series.

Evan Daniels: How is the AAU season going for you so far?
Dwayne Cohill: I have been playing better and better every game. Last week I just had a tough time just coming back in and playing against athletic big men and everything and just had to adjust to it but now I’m starting to get in my niche and everything. Starting to shoot it better and get better with the ball.

How did you add change of speeds to your game?
I’ve been working on it a lot since last year when all the coaches told me to be a point guard I got to be able to play with pace and everything so I’ve just been trying to work on it. And then I saw them guarding me off the ball screens and full-courting everything so I just tried to play slow and then get fast and then just keep changing speeds so I had just had to keep trying it and it caught them off guard.


How is the whole recruiting process going?
It’s going great. Just taking it slow right now, trying to find the right place, building great relationships with all the places recruiting me and everything and just taking it slow but it’s going really good.

Who all has prioritized you? Have you taken any visits?
Ohio StateButlerVirginia TechTexasPenn StateVanderbiltUNLV and then a lot of other schools. No not yet, maybe a couple more unofficial before I take official. I’m just trying to take it slow right now, got to worry about this right now and then get back focused back on my school because my grades are kind of dropping because we’ve been missing so make sure I get that up then trying to set my visits.

Where have you been unofficially?
This year, I’ve been to Butler, Virginia Tech and Xavier.

Anybody sticking out to you?
Not really, I’m good with everybody right now but I like a lot of different schools, they got a lot of different things but I like them all.

Are you close to making a choice?
No, I plan on trying to make a choice before high school season next year or in the middle of high school season and I plan on narrowing my list after the July session.

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