Pete Nance

Three schools remain high on the list of Pete Nance

Four-star forward Pete Nance has staid below a lot of radars on a smaller AAU team, but college coaches know about the NBA legacy, and he seems focused on three schools at the moment.

For Pete Nance basketball is in the blood. His father Larry Nance Sr. was a star in the NBA for many years, and his older brother, Larry Nance Jr., just completed his second year with the Los Angeles Lakers. Now the youngest Nance is working to find a college of his own.

At a legit 6-foot-8, Nance has uncommon skills for a player his size. He can really pass the ball and has a tremendous feel for the game. Also Nance is a good ball handler, and has the ability to rebound both in and out of his area.

About his spring overall, Nance said, "I think I have been playing alright. I have been working on shooting the ball better. That is the biggest thing for me is to become a better shooter."

On the recruiting side of things Nance doesn't like to speak publicly too much. He is however favoring NorthwesternMichigan, and Ohio State at the moment.

All three of those schools have offered Nance, and he has made at least one unofficial visit to each program as well. While Nance didn't want to comment specifically about each school, he did say what he'd be looking for in his future program.

"I just want to go to a place where I am around good people, where I can get an education, and a place where I’d like to spend four years of my life," said Nance. "That is what is important to me."

At the moment there is no indication of when Nance would prefer to choose a school, but he does seem to be focused in and moving toward a decision.

With big time bloodlines and a high level of skill, there is no doubt Nance is going to make one college coach very happy when he does make that choice.

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