Robinson Intent On Visiting

The first two days of the visitation period saw five schools conduct in-school visits with Russell Robinson. Here's a look at his recruiting following those days.

Russell Robinson has always maintained that he's interested in seeing all the campuses before he makes a decision. In that department, nothing has changed after meeting with Connecticut, Kansas, St. John's, Kentucky and Georgia Tech.

"I don't think I'll budge," Robinson said. "I think I'm pretty strong right now. They tell me a lot of stuff and they talk and now I've got to go on campus and see it."

Out of the visits, one school still has some work to do and another school that didn't conduct a visit has bowed out. "Well, I didn't have a good St. John's visit," Robison said. "It wasn't really good. Florida State dropped out. I'm just down to those five and I have four visits set up."

And with the meetings, Robinson not only became more convinced that he needed to visit the schools but also more convinced that this was not going to be an easy decision.

"Each meeting I learned something more about the school and how I would fit in there. With all of the meetings doing that it's definitely going to be harder."

Robinson heads to UConn this weekend, Tech on Sept. 20, followed by Kansas and then down to Kentucky for Midnight Madness.

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