Noah Locke

Noah Locke talks explosion of recent offers

Shooting guard Noah Locke has been one of the best players in the EYBL this spring and recently had an explosion of offers.

It has been a monster spring for Noah Locke. He has been one of the most productive players in the EYBL with Team Melo. Locke is averaging 18.8 points per game while shooting 46 percent from three point range. Those numbers have led to a major explosion of offers.

"I think the spring went pretty well," said Locke. "There are always things to improve on, but I think I have been playing well, and scoring well."

Recently a whole bunch of new offers have come Locke's way.

"Virginia, Notre Dame, Georgia Tech, UNLV, South Florida, and Pittsburgh are some of the newer schools to offer," said Locke.

About the new offers, Locke said, "I am just enjoying it, it has been great. It is amazing. I have thought of me getting all of these offers, but it has been amazing. My phone has been blowing up every five seconds, so it has been fun."

When it comes to the Fighting Irish, Locke said, "They are a great school with great academics. They have always been known as one of the top schools in the country, and it is in the ACC which is the best conference in the country. Also it is a school that is known to let their guards play, so I like that."

Another ACC school that has picked things up is Virginia, and Locke feels like he could fit in well in Charlottesville.

"I think I would fit in great there," said Locke of Virginia. "Their style of play is how I play. They use a lot of screens for their guards, and I like that. They haven’t had a lot of scorers lately, but I think I can come in and make an impact."

While those are some of the newer schools in the picture, programs such as FloridaXavier, and Providence have been in this recruitment for a while, and continue to make Locke a priority.

When it comes to Florida, Locke said, "Things are great with Coach (Mike) White and his staff. He’s been great and Coach (Darris) Nichols has been talking to me as well. They keep contacting me a lot, and I like their style of play as well."

Xavier has also made Locke a priority, and Locke feels he would fit in well with what they like to do.

"I just like their style of play and how their guards have freedom," said Locke of the Musketeers. "They say I am a priority for them, and it is more than just talk, I think they were at every one of my games. They say I could come in and play right away, and it is just a great school."

While a lot of schools have put in a ton of effort with Locke, he makes it clear the closest relationship he has with a head coach is Ed Cooley at Providence.

"Coach Cooley is a great guy," noted Locke. "If there is any relationship I have with any coach, it is the closest with him. Also on the home visit it was great. They were real cool with everybody in my family, and I really like them."

For now Locke isn't in the mindset of making a decision, but some visits could be coming up soon.

"I will be breaking down my list at the end of the AAU season," said Locke. "I might make some visits in June, but I haven’t set anything up specifically yet."

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