On Campus: Weekend Visits

The weekend visit list just keeps getting longer. We're now right smack in the heart of the official visit season and you'll notice that some heavy hitters are making visits this weekend. An abundance of schools have more than one prospect on campus.

Think it's a big weekend for Ben Howland? Malik Hairston and Maarty Leunen are in town and that's big news even in the bright lights of Los Angeles.

The Texas Longhorns have a whole bunch of prospects on campus but just one of them is uncommitted. Daniel Gibson and Dion Dowell get to help Rick Barnes with power forward Sean Williams.

They'll be hustling at Syracuse over the weekend. A.J. Price, Dayshaun Wright and Josh Wright occupy Jim Boeheim's time. Price is the guy who holds the key to a number of program's recruiting plans.

Isaiah Swann is in the midst of good tour and this weekend his travels take him to Tucson. Going with him Arizona will be Jeremis Smith and Davis Nwankwo who seems bound for the Pac-10 in some fashion.

September 13 Visits


Dayshuan Wright (Syracuse)

Josh Wright (Syracuse)

A.J. Price (Syracuse)

Jeremis Smith (Arizona)

Davis Nwankwo (Arizona)

Isaiah Swann (Arizona)

Daniel Gibson (Texas)

Dion Dowell (Texas)

Sean Williams (Texas)

Quentin Thomas (Arizona State)

Tim Pierce (Arizona State)

Malik Hairston (UCLA)

Maarty Leuen (UCLA)

Quincy Williams (VCU)

Chris Gaynor (VCU)

Jamal Shuler (VCU)

Taj Gray (Oklahoma)

John DeGroat (Oklahoma)

Brian Laing (Seton Hall)

Justin Cerasoli (Seton Hall)

Justin Williams (DePaul)

Aking Elting (DePaul)

Keith Benjamin (Pittsburgh)

Dorell Wright (unofficial, DePaul)

Anthony Morrow (North Carolina State)

Roy Bright (Iowa State)

Ra'Sean Dickey (Iowa State; to be rescheduled)

Dylan Grimsley (Tulane; cancelled)

Russell Robinson (UConn)

Jason Rich (Florida State)

Rico Tucker (Minnesota)

Everett Pedescleaux (Tulsa)

Richard Roby (Colorado)

Matt Shaw (Creighton)

Courtney Lee (Western Kentucky)

Rico Tucker (Minnesota)

Goran Sutton (LSU)

C.J. Giles (Old Dominion)

Darian Townes (Arkansas)

Churchill Odia (Xavier)

Robert Rothbart (Indiana)

Cornelio Guibunda (Virginia)

Dupree Fletcher (Wisc.-Green Bay)

Everett Spencer (Wright State)

Vladimir Kuljanin (UNC-Wilmington)


Spencer Tollackson (Minnesota)

Miles Webb (Minnesota)

LaMorris Wallace (Wright State)

Josh McRoberts (2005, unofficial, Duke)

Isaac Knight (Kent State)

Marcus Crenshaw (Kent State)

September 6 Visits

Alexander Kaun (Kansas)
Malik Hairston (Ohio State)
AJ Price (Kansas)
Shaun Livingston (UNC)
J.R. Smith (UNC)
Anthony Morrow (Tennessee)
Jamar Butler (Ohio State)
Charles Thomas (Florida State)
Isaiah Swann (Florida State)
Paulius Packevicius (Texas Tech, Princeton 3-4)
Dylan Grimsley (Western Kentucky)
Shane Foster (Vanderbilt)
Malik Hairston (Ohio State)
Jason Rich (Southern Cal)
Gavin Grant (NC State)
Tasheed Carr (Iowa State)
Zam Frederick (Georgia Tech)
Jeremis Smith (Georgia Tech)
Everett Pedescleaux (Wisc.-Green Bay)
Channing Toney (Georgia)
Shaun Pruitt (Illinios)
Chris Lofton (Dayton)
A.J. Ratliff (Xavier)
Dante Sawyer (Fresno State)
Taj Gray (Arkansas)
Folarin Campbell (George Mason)
Alex Gordon (Vanderbilt)
C.J. Giles (Miami)
Daniel Fountain (UNC-Wilmington)
Goran Sutton (Arizona State)

August 30 Visits

Monty Sanders (Richmond)
Dylan Grimsley (UNC-Wilmington)
Kenny Hunt (JMU, unofficial)
Roy Bright (Tennessee)
James Mays (Clemson, unofficial)
Luke Bonner (West Virginia)
Ra'Sean Dickey (Auburn; postponed)
Tyrus Thomas (Virginia Tech)
Channing Toney (Tennessee)
Jimmie Binnie (Dayton, unofficial)
Shaun Pruitt (Michigan State)
Andre Allen (Houston)
Pierre-Marie Altidor-Cespedes (Gonzaga)
Shane Dansby (Murray State)

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