Palacios Looks At His Recruitment

Tello Palacios, remember him? After a pre-summer injury and a trip back home to Colombia he's starting to get his college list in order.

Tello Palacios played injured for half the season last year. He had some tendonitis in his knee and it bothered him. Faced with the choice of having to take the summer off or having surgery, he elected to go home, take some time off and rehab his knee.

"It helped me a lot," Palacios said of the time off. "I had a whole gym for myself and I got to work on my body. I was lifting everyday and I've got less body fat than before."

Palacios recently came back into the country and wasted little time in getting down to the business of recruiting. Just this week he had Louisville, Baylor, Pittsburgh and UCLA in for visits. Florida and Florida State are coming next week. Tennessee, Valparaiso and Texas are also interested.

"I'm waiting for the visits to end and then I'll decide which ones I'm going to visit and then I'll see what happens."

Right now, Palacios needs some direction and he won't be able to start talking about which schools have made their move for a few more weeks. "The coaches are the important thing and the people you're going to be around. You're looking for a place where you're the important part of the time and you'll get exposure for the NBA."

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