Odia Growing Into Role At Xaiver

Churchill Odia moved quickly with his recruitment. After visiting an Atlantic-10 school over the weekend, Odia settled in and made his decision.

Before addressing Churchill Odia's recent commitment to Xavier, it's important to note a recent growth spurt that the talented point guard from Montrose Christian went through.

"We all think he's gotten about an inch taller since last season," Montrose Christian assistant coach David Adkins said. "He's up to 6-6 and 200 pounds. 6-6 is legit!"

And so is Odia.

The native of Lagos, Nigeria, committed to Xavier shortly after visiting the campus last weekend. "They've been on it the longest and worked it the best over the summer," Adkins said. "They went to Greece to see him. They stayed in contact with the powers that be in his recruiting process."

And for the efforts of Thad Mata and his staff, they've been rewarded with a unique talent that brings size and agility to the backcourt. "I think he comes in as a strong, big point guard and he can play a major role for them as somebody who likes to get other people the ball. He does that very, very well. The way they play he fits into their system well."

It'll be interesting to see Odia and how he finishes out his high school career. Last summer, he was jet setting around the globe to places like Greece, Dallas and Egypt playing hoops. The international competition had to do wonders for his game.

"He's had a whirlwind summer. He played on the Junior National team. He played very, very well. He played for the Nigerian national team that lost in the championship to Angola. He's played at a high level all summer against some of the best competition in the world and did very well. His team won the championship at the NBA Camp at VCU this summer."

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