Arizona or Stanford?

Davis Nwankwo knows what he wants to do. No doubt about it, he's got a favorite. However, instead of the schools fighting the recruiting battle, this prospect's battle is on the home front.

For the longest time, Stanford was thought to be the odds-on-favorite to land center Davis Nwankwo, our No. 58 prospect in the country.

In fact, there are members of the Nwankwo family who feel like Stanford still is team to beat. However, Davis has his own ideas.

"Last weekend I visited Arizona and I really loved it out there," Nwankwo said. "I just felt that was the place to be. I had a good time and I got to play pickup for two hours on Saturday and Sunday. That was different. The schools that I visited before, we didn't do that. I felt comfortable with the coaches and the player and I felt that was the place.

"My heart is with Arizona right now. The only thing keeping me from committing is my parents. They still see Stanford as the place for me but I think Arizona is the place for me to be."

So there you have it. Prospect wants Arizona, parents want Stanford. A completely understandable disagreement. Stanford is one of the elite academic institutions in America, you'll get no argument there and one can certainly understand why parents would want that kind of education for their kid. Still, Nwankwo is thinking Wildcats not Cardinal.

"They see that as their dream school for me. No school can compare with Stanford both educationally and athletically. They think Stanford would provide the career for me better than any other school."

Nwankwo has such a strong pull to Arizona right now that it'll be interesting to see how Stanford handles his recruitment. As it stands, it appears as though the Cardinal is up to the fight. "No, they haven't backed off. They've actually been coming on harder. I talked to Coach Montgomery on Monday. He heard about the news at Arizona and that I had a great time and just wanted to make sure that I'm still thinking about them. Of course they're not happy about it. All I can say now is that I just see myself committing to Arizona. I want to do it by the end of the week."

One thing is certain, there's a little drama in the Nwankwo household this week. Davis said that they'll continue to debate the topic and exactly what happens? We're probably just a few days from finding out.

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