Young's Game Coming Along

Kevin Young's development as a basketball player has come a long way since he arrived in the United States via Jamaica last season. The big man might not have put up huge numbers last weekend at the Charlie Weber, but numbers don't always tell the story.

Young's Development Coming Along

Jason Fraser intimidates a lot of interior players and for good reason. It doesn't take opponents long to figure out that he's a great shot blocker. In Sunday's title game, Tallahassee Wildcats center Kevin Young figured out early on that Fraser was a pretty good player, but it didn't faze him.

Sure, Young scored only 8 points in the contest, but his success was measured in what he tried to accomplish. He blocked a shot by Fraser and found a few crafty ways to score on him in the post and that's a lot more than other guys were able to accomplish.

The point being is that Young is a good-looking prospect. He's tall, wide and tough to move around down low. There's a reason why Miami-FL, Missouri and Kentucky are all over him. Right now, Miami and Missouri might have the inside track but it's far from over.

Young said that the Wildcats are the school his parents like, but it might be tough leaving the Miami area. "It's hard to leave Miami," Young said. "You have everybody there. I know the players at Miami and Missouri really well."

At first, Young was quite surprised to see Kentucky's interest in him. "I want them to be my leader, but I can't believe they are recruiting me," Young said light heartedly in a heavy Jamaican accent. "I thought they were joking at first."

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