Lamptey Picks Five To Visit

Oklahoma City (OK) Northeast center Julius Lamptey revealed that he has decided upon his five official on-campus visits.

Lamptey To Visit Five

The unsigned center confirmed that he would visit Michigan, Illinois, Georgia, Cincinnati and Washington. Visit dates have yet to be confirmed. Lamptey also plans to visit Oklahoma State unofficially.

"I'll start making my official visits once basketball season starts," said Lamptey. "I should be finished up by March sometime." Illinois (September 20), Oklahoma State (September 17) and Oklahoma (September 18) have all made in-house visits to Lamptey. He still expects to receive additional in-house visits from Cincinnati (September 27), Washington (October 3) and Michigan (undecided).

"I really don't have any order for any of the schools, because I'm still up in the air," said Lamptey, who led the Sooner state in rebounding (15.6) and averaged 17 points per game. I'm going to sit it out until after the home visits and then go from there."

Lamptey indicated that he's been surprised by the early commitments from several of his former AAU (Athletes First) teammates such as Kelenna Azubuike (Oklahoma) and DeAngelo Alexander (Oklahoma). "I thought since we (Athletes First) were some of the best players in the nation that everyone was going to take their time deciding," said Lamptey.

"I think everyone, including the OU coaches, were surprised by Kelenna's commitment. We all knew he could have went there, but I don't think OU was recruiting him very hard, because even they thought he'd end up at UCLA."

Despite OU's hiring of former Athletes First coach Terry Evans and commitments by Azubuike and Alexander, Lamptey insists his commitment will not be influenced by the Sooners. "The decision's still going to be up to me in the end," said Lamptey, who has yet to take the ACT, but will do so in October. "Right now, I'm still weighing my options."

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