The Last Rush

JaRon was the first. He went to UCLA. Kareem was next and he became a Missouri guy. Brandon, currently a high school junior, is the last of the Rush Brothers and he's just as good a prospect as his brothers were at the same stage...

For those of you who haven't seen No. 5 junior Brandon Rush of Mount Zion, know this: The guy can ball. His basketball genes are solid as his brother JaRon, who was a Top 10 recruit who went to UCLA, and Kareem, a Top 25 guy out of high school who signed with Missouri and is now a Laker.

Brandon's no dummy. He's picked up a little bit from each brother. "I got JaRon's jumping ability," Brandon said. "What did I get from Kareem? I can't shoot it that well," he joked. "Not now but …"

And what happens when the brothers Rush get together for a game of pickup ball? "Kareem is the big winner. I give JaRon work."

Work is exactly what he did at the adidas ABCD Camp. In fact, he did so much work that he shared all-star game MVP honors with Tasmin Mitchell. He was awesome in the all-star game. "I had to show everybody I can play. I just had to come out and play hard like I did."

And colleges are noticing. Though he wasn't able to play with the Atlanta Celtics during the Big Time because of the 100-mile rule, he did win over some admirers in July.

Right now, he's thinking Arkansas, Louisville, Indiana, Southern Cal, Oklahoma and Missouri. Wisconsin dropped by over the weekend to see him and the Badgers would probably like to join that list as well.

"I haven't thought about schools yet. I concentrate on school work."

But when he does begin to seriously think about schools, he's got some criteria. "I like the schools that let me do my thing. Do what I do. I don't want nobody to change my game."

No problem, there's no reason to put a restrictor plate on a guy who loves to get to the rim.

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