Reggie Butler Has Variety of Situations

The athletic wing from Long Beach Poly, 6-5 Reggie Butler, has a different situation with each school that's recruiting him...

Reggie Butler, 6-5 SF, Long Beach (Calif.) Poly, said he has some schools that are hanging in there with him, and some recent additions to his list.

Butler lists Arizona, Maryland, Connecticut, Oregon, USC and Wake Forest, and said that all of them are different situations:

Arizona – "They've told me they have a couple of guys who they're after. I know I'm their second choice. I talked with the assistant, Rodney Tention, last week. He said they'd be trying to set up an in-home for next week, and that I could possibly take an official trip next month. But I think it depends on what happens with the other guys."

Maryland – "They offered me a while back, but I haven't heard from them in a couple of weeks. They told me before that the offer would be on the table, though."

Connecticut – "I haven't heard from them in a week or so, and I'm hearing rumors that they got some guys and are done at my position."

Oregon – "I haven't talked to them in a couple of weeks, but I like Oregon."

USC – "I'm getting tons of stuff from them in the mail still. I might fit there well. USC always needs someone like me."

Wake Forest – "They're new and they're showing a lot of interest so I'm very interested."

Butler said he'll wait to see what happens with Arizona, and whether they'll offer him, but in the meantime will continue to accept recruiting overtures from anyone else. "I'm still really open. Right now, I really don't have a favorite because of all the circumstances. But if another one of any of those schools offered that hasn't, that'd change things."

Butler did, though, hint that he knows where he wants to go. "I do think I know, but I'll have to wait and see how it all comes out," he said. "Wherever I go, I don't want to go to a place where they're stacked with wings. I don't expect to come in and start, I want to learn and develop, but I also want a chance to play."

Butler said he'll take the SAT in November.

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