Bright's Recruitment Opens Up

Roy Bright's recruitment is about to open up. Last week, while most thought he would pick Iowa State, he backed off and now other options are being considered.

The wedding was planned and the ceremony was set for last Thursday, but Roy Bright got cold feet.

"At the last minute, the day before the press conference, Roy came in and said that he wasn't sure," David Smith, Bright's legal guardian said.

"Everybody assumed [he would commit to Iowa State] but somehow or another someone forget to tell me and Roy that. Tennessee was always in the running as much that I thought because the distance is always a question."

And it was the distance the caused Bright to pull back on the Cyclones. ISU assistant Fred Quartlebaum had done a terrific job of positioning himself with the small forward. However, the total mileage between Durham and Ames was a problem.

So what's the scoop? Well, Virginia Tech and Miami are calling and pitching the ACC connection that much we know. How advanced is their involvement? "We're just talking," Smith said.

A good list right now might read Tennessee, Virginia Tech, Cincinnati, Miami and Iowa State.

No matter what the ultimate decision is, look for Bright to seek a program that is closer than Iowa State. That was the reason for the indecision last week and remains a major obstacle in the recruitment. Don't count out other schools getting involved.

This one has opened up and could take a while to sort out.

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