Tough Call For Rich

Nobody said it was going to be easy and guard Jason Rich is finding that out right now. The toughest choice he's had to make is his final one.

Florida State and Kentucky. Those are the final two for Team Florida guard Jason Rich, the No. 39 prospect in America. While trimming his list was a gradual process, Rich is finding that there's nothing more difficult than making his final selection.

"Right now," Rich said, "I had good visits to both and I liked both of them. Obviously, Florida State is not where Kentucky is right now but I think they'll be real good. I don't think people can visualize that but I think they're going to be good. Kentucky's always going to be good. They'll always be in the tournament."

Does he help rebuild or help reload? That's the question posed to this outstanding leader and charismatic prospect.

Since June, Florida State has made some strides. "They've actually come the farthest. In talking with coach Hamilton, he's a no-nonsense guy. My visit went well and my parents enjoyed visiting with the staff. The facilities were really nice."

Both schools are actively recruiting other prospects including guys like Isaiah Swann who is also down to a pair of schools and could "pop" this week. Still, Rich says the timetable is his. Exactly what would he do if a school called and said they were ready to take another commitment?

"Obviously [committing] would cross my mind but it would also cross my mind if it's the truth. Neither of those schools have put pressure on me. I figure if they wait this long a week and a half won't kill them."

Rich feels like UK and FSU are each trying to get more than one guard so he understands the situations.

Expect a decision by next week at the latest.

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