Joakim Noah Has Pair of Favorites

Joakim Noah went in the ABCD Camp this past summer with a few offers and came out as the biggest surprise. After having some time to sit down and mull his options, he's trimmed his list and has a pair of favorites.

Joakim Noah wasn't all that good this past spring when he started to play with the Long Island Panthers. He was nervous and it showed.

But now the former Poly Prep (N.Y.) star has gotten the confidence he can play with the big boys and developed into a full-effort guy who also brings a high skill level to the table.

When Noah left to meet his father, former star tennis player Yannick Noah, for a month-long vacation in the Caribbean in late-July, he was at a list about 20 long.

Now the long 6-9, 200-pound Lawrenville (N.J.) forward is basically down to a pair of schools - Florida and Maryland - with Villanova also in the mix.

Noah visited Florida two weeks ago and also took a trip this past weekend to Virginia. He will head to College Park this coming weekend and then be ready to make a decision.

``Florida probably leads right now, but that's partially because he's already been there," Long Island Panthers coach Gary Charles said.

Add Lawrenceville coach Ron Kane to Noah's ever-growing list of supporters.

``He's fit in so well and acclimated himself so quickly to the community," Kane said. "He's handled the whole process so well with coaches."

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