Plaisted Has Two Frontrunners

Potential Top 100 prospect Trent Plaisted is starting to put some focus onto his recruiting process. He's got a pair of front runners and recently had to nix a Pac-10 school.

Power forward Trent Plaisted is a strong contender for a spot in our Top 100. The San Antonio Clark product is in the midst of reaching a decision. He's got one visit to go and then its decision time.

"Well, right now I've gone on visits to Florida State and Stanford," Plaisted said. "They're both great programs with good coaches. I think I probably like Florida State a little bit better than Stanford."

Recently, Stanford took a pledge for a New York forward. "They told me that they took Taj Finger and they want me to come with Peter Prowitt. If I were to commit, I would be the last guy they wanted and if I commit they'd stop recruiting."

But, right now Stanford is running no better than third. "I think the two front runners are BYU and Florida State."

FSU, which is again putting together an excellent class, made a strong impression. "I really like the Florida State coaches. Leonard Hamilton is a player's coach and you could totally tell that when you when out there. I felt real comfortable joking around with him. I like the personal relationship with the coaches and not just show up for practice and that's it. His guys are his No. 1 priority and that's a really big deal."

Plaisted, a Mormon, has another big reason for considering BYU. "I like their coaches too and my sister is up there and I'm real close to my sister. They're recruiting good players too, not a bunch of bums. They're a pretty good program now and I think they're a pretty good program now."

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