Horford Now Focusing On One

When Michigan received a commitment from our No. 55 senior, we thought it was an excellent acquisition. However, Al Horford has no de-committed and the focus is on one school.

A few weeks ago, big man Al Horford (No. 55, TheInsiders.com) was ticketed for Ann Arbor. Having just finished up an unofficial visit with the Wolverines, a commitment to Michigan was publicized.

Weeks later, that's not the case. A source told TheInsiders.com that Horford's commitment was hurried at the time and not only has he de-committed, but he's no longer considering Michigan.

Apparently, Al wanted to check out Florida from the start, got caught up in the process and the next thing you know, the snowball begun and he was headed for Michigan.

"Right now," the source said, "he's interested in one school and if that doesn't work out then at that point he'll re-asses." The school he's most interested in is Florida.

Billy Donovan was in his home during the September period and an official visit with the Gators during Midnight Madness has already been put together. As far as we can tell, Horford and Joakim Noah are the Gators top targets at this juncture.

Those who are closest to Al paint the picture of a well-intentioned, soft spoken young man who would have a difficult time saying "no" to schools. After the Notre Dame-Michigan game, Horford – who at that point had not even taken the ACT – was caught up in the moment and made a commitment without thinking it through enough.

There are no hard feelings toward Michigan but this process has opened up and the Gators are the team to beat.

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