Another Hurricane To MSU

The Michigan State Spartans got their man. Goran Suton is the latest Michigan Hurricane to commit to Tom Izzo's program.

Kelvin Torbert is there. Eric Devendorf will be there. Goran Suton is coming.

Suton, a big man with the Michigan Hurricanes, committed to the Spartans over Arizona State and LSU.

"Arizona State literally led most of the way," Hurricanes coach Chris Grier said. However, Michigan State used the power of the in-state school and their track record of success to get this one done.

"Goran lives five miles from Michigan State that makes it difficult in the end."

Grier thinks the Spartans landed themselves a gem. "I think he's just scratching the surface of his talent. He showed a lot of flashes this spring and summer.

"He's a highly skilled offensive player. He can score in a lot of different ways. He can use both hands with a jump hook and he's got a whole scoring package as far as post moves –up and unders, drop steps, spin moves. Then, he can stroke it from 15 feet. He shot 3s for us with the Hurricanes."

You have to admire how the Spartans closed the deal on this one. "Arizona State did an awesome job but in the end Michigan State has the last visit and the last home visit. It was strategic. It's a positive unfair positive advantage that in-state schools have."

And it worked in the end for Izzo and Co.

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