Junior Profile: Jon Brockman

Jon Brockman, one of the better power forward prospects in the West Coast class of 2005, is just getting started with the early stages of his recruitment...

Jon Brockman, 6-7 JR PF Snohomish (Wash.) High, is a tough, hard-nosed banger who gives a good effort every time he steps on the court. With continued development of his offensive game, he should be a high major recruit.

We spoke with Brockman last night and asked about the schools that have been expressing interest in him so far.

"Most of the Pac-10, Purdue, Florida and Kansas, among others," said Brockman.

A few schools have come by Brockman's high school this fall. "Stanford, Oregon and Washington State came by and talked with my coach," said Brockman.

Brockman said he didn't have a favorite school growing up. "I liked college basketball, watched a lot of games," said Brockman. "But I didn't have a favorite school or anything."

When asked about the factors he'll consider in choosing a school, Brockman replied, "I'd like to go to a bigger school, where they play good basketball. A place with a good education and definitely a place where I can get better. Location is not a factor."

We asked if the opportunity to win, and play in the tournament, would be a consideration. "The chance to win is a pretty big deal," said Brockman. "I'd like a place that has a good tradition, that's known for basketball."

Brockman said his parents don't have strong feelings about having him stay close. "There would be some positives if I stayed close and they could see me play," said Brockman. "But they want the place that's right for me."

Brockman doesn't anticipate making an early decision. "I think I'll take my time and take my visits," said Brockman. "It's a big decision."

A good student, Brockman told us that he has a 3.2 GPA and he just signed up to take the PSAT.

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