Only A Decision Remains

As far as Brad Buckman is concerned, he has all the information he needs to make a college decision. Now, it's just about processing the information and making a decision, which should come in the next few weeks.

Coming Down The Stretch

Austin, Tex., power forward Brad Buckman returned home from his official visit to Texas on Sunday.

"It was good. I got to see the new stadium so it was pretty cool," Buckman said. "I'm probably going to decide in a week or two."

Buckman said that North Carolina and Texas are about the same right now as far as he's concerned. "One is all about the atmosphere and the other is about the hometown."

OK, so he's been to both schools and now has plenty of information to make his decision. So, what was the best part of each visit? In terms of the visit to Chapel Hill, Buckman liked the atmosphere. "Everybody loves basketball and was waiting for basketball season to start. Everybody went up to coach to say hello. Everything was cool."

At Texas, Buckman got a chance to see some of the renovations the university is doing to the basketball arena. "I liked the light show they did at the Erwin Center. They gave me this big introduction and said how we were going to play Duke in the 2004 national championship."

Buckman will make the drive to Dallas next week with a friend to watch the Longhorns play Oklahoma.

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