Bowling Green Snares Top Target

Bowling Green zeroed in on Scott Vandermeer and finally got their man. On Thursday, the big man from Illinois made his decision.

Bowling Green had one scholarship for the Class of 2004. They wanted to give it to Scott Vandermeer. On Thursday, they did.

The 6-11, 195 pounder committed to Dan Dakich's program after visiting Illinois-Chicago and Weber State.

"Me and my parents decided that it was the best play to go," Vandermeer said. "He's a good teacher."

"I was in the middle between all three schools but when we went over the thing and we did a tally sheet, they were the highest for basically everything. That was the biggest thing. We went over 10-12 things."

The veteran of the Illinois Warriors AAU program has some work to do in the weight room but the upside is there. "They're going to use me inside and outside. The guy they have there is graduating this year. He does the same thing. They're going to use me inside and outside and that's what I like."

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