Haryasz Close To Decision

Matt Haryasz, one of the elite post players in the west, took a trip to Stanford this weekend. He tells us that he now has enough information to make a decision and will choose between Stanford and Arizona St. fairly soon...

We spoke with Matt Haryasz, 6-10 C Page (Ariz.) High, last night after he returned from his official visit to Stanford.

We asked Matt about his trip and he said, "It was pretty good. I had a lot of fun, met the players and had a chance to develop a face-to-face relationship with the coaches."

Matt told us that Stanford and ASU are the two schools he's considering. "It's going to be one of those two," Matt said. "I think I have enough information, now I just have to sit down and weigh the pluses and minuses of each school."

We asked Matt to list some of the positives with each school. "With Stanford, you have one of the top academic institutions in the country and that's a huge plus, looking down the road after college," Matt said. "I like the players and the coaches, and they have a very good program."

As for Arizona St., Matt said, "It's closer to home and I have friends and family there. I also like the players and coaches there."

We asked Matt if the success of Stanford's program, and the opportunity to perhaps play deep into the tournament, would be a factor in his decision. Matt replied, "Stanford does have a nationwide reputation and I do want to play in the tournament. Stanford has the track record of doing that. What I'm hearing from ASU is more like I need to buy into their vision and dream, but I think ASU can get to the tournament. They've done well in recruiting and I think they'll get to the tournament. But winning isn't really going to be a deciding factor for me. I want to win, but other things will be more important to my decision."

How soon does he expect to make a decision? "It'll be pretty soon, but probably at least a week," Matt said. "I don't want to hold up the coaches with their recruiting of other players."

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