Plaisted Makes It Official

Trent Plaisted was down to a pair of schools and he took an official visit to BYU last weekend. The San Antonio product compared and contrasted the programs and one had an advantage over the other.

Trent Plaisted, a forward out of San Antonio, has a great relationship with his sister who attends BYU. Last weekend, Plaisted visited the school and on Monday made his commitment to the Cougars.

"Had she not been at BYU, I might have still gone there but it would have been a dead heat," Plaisted said. "It was tough anyways for me to go to Florida State or BYU. It was close."

Plaisted, a strong contender for Top 100 consideration, had narrowed his choices to FSU and BYU while Virginia was trying to get involved. He averaged 14 points a game last season but showed a fine skill package in the summer and his best ball is ahead of him.

"I think that from what it sounds like, they want me to play the three. Maybe redshirt my freshman year because I don't know how to play the three right now. If I go to college, I'm not going to be able to make that transition right away; nothing is guaranteed."

Plaisted is also really excited about BYU's chances to land an outstanding recruiting class. "It depends on if they get everyone in this class. If they get everybody I think they can be really good. Lee Cummard is a great player and David Burgess is a big timer too. I'm not saying if we don't get everybody we could be bad. This could be a big class."

Plaisted played with the San Antonio Wildcats on the AAU scene.

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