Charles Thomas Makes Decision

Charles Thomas made no secret of his affection for Florida State after his visit. He took a trip to Arkansas last weekend. Was it enough to sway him?

Jackson (MS) Callaway forward Charles Thomas (No. 45, loved Florida State. Loved the visit, the coaches, and the school. He loved everything about the skyrocketing Seminoles program and that's why this might come as a bit of a shock.

Charles Thomas is going to Arkansas.

"I feel like if Al Jefferson gets there and stays two years I predict we'll make a national title run," Thomas said on Wednesday before his press conference.

Thomas loved recruiting visits. He once said that he would take as many as he could because this only happens once. Florida State knocked his socks off. Arkansas must have done even more.

"The whole time I was there, the head coach was with me," Thomas said. "The whole time I was either with the head coach or the players."

Thomas, best described as a Charles Oakley play-alike, is a significant addition for Stan Heath's program. The Hogs own commitments from Al Jefferson (No. 3), Steve Hill (No. 33), Darian Townes (Top 60, 2002) and Marcus Monk on the football side. They are one player away from being mentioned with the elite of the elite in terms of class rankings.

Arkansas remains in the hunt for Philly point man Kyle Lowry. Heath's crew is trying to get him onto campus for an official visit. Lowry visited Villanova already and his long-time friend Shane Clark, a junior, is already committed to the Wildcats so it's tough sledding at this point.

Regardless, Thomas' commitment caps off a sensational second recruiting season for the Hogs. Last year the flavor was guards and swingman and this season the Hogs stocked up on forwards.

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