Oak Hill, Hargrave Split Scrimmage

<b>CHATHAM, Va. –</b> The annual Oak Hill-Hargrave scrimmage lived up to its advanced billing. There was plenty of talent on the floor and the teams traded wins.

If there's a constant about fall basketball it's that the Oak Hill-Hargrave scrimmage is going to be hotly contested. Tuesday was no different.

The teams played a pair of 20-minute halves and the score was reset at the start of the second half. Keeping with the tradition of the series, the teams split. Oak Hill won the first game 43-31 and a halftime speech by Kevin Keatts must have hit home because Hargrave took the second game 43-40 as a potential game-tying 3-pointer from Rajon Rondo rimmed out.

The best way to analyze the matchup would be to breakdown the individual players from each squad. Each player is an upperclassman unless noted.


Josh Smith, SF: Clearly the best player on the floor and he proved it in the first half when he raced out to 19 points. He was held to 5 second half points but did do some things athletically that were ridiculous. When you dunk and your head is peering down through the rim, that's amazing. Now, Smith shot 4-for-10 from downtown but his misses were hard. He's worked on his jumper and that's an area he'll need to continue to improve upon.

Though Hargrave contained him a little better in the second half, defenders are forced to foul him on the perimeter because he'll blow by kids. Also, he's so long and active that he blocks a fair share of shots. Sorry Indiana fans, this guy's going to the league.

Rajon Rondo, PG: This guy is super fast. The greatest strength of his game is penetration and he can get himself into the paint and to the rim. Especially for his size he's a reliable finisher. He made 9-of-13 free throws. He'll need to keep working on his jumper so they have to guard him on the perimeter on the college level but his speed will give defenders problems.

Brian Johnson, PF: He got off to a slow start as he struggled with offense in the first game. He was more aggressive in the second game. Johnson has a great body and goes hard. Still looks more comfortable facing the basket and isn't afraid to rebound.

Dayshaun Wright, PF: He's had better days. His first shot was sent back and it seemed to affect his approach the rest of the game. Wright's game is predicated on getting on the glass and making plays and when he doesn't do that it can be tough getting started.

Bamba Fall, PF, 2005: He's 6-11 but only 180 pounds. His minutes were extremely limited. He had a block, is left-handed and missed a short jumper. Tough to tell his level but we'll see more of him this year.

K.C. Rivers, SG, 2005: The junior's points came all on 3-pointers. The native of Charlotte is a high-major player. Probably went 3-for-4 from downtown.

Aaron Scott, SF: Senior 189-pound swingman is well built. Could be a mid-major player at this stage.

Donatas Visockis, PF, 2005: Lithuanian is only 195 pounds and 6-9 so obviously he's got to put on some weight. He'll be a tough evaluation until he's able to physically match up. Oak Hill coach Steve Smith did put him out there in the first game so the coach sees something in him that he likes.

Anthony Wright, SF, 2006: 6-5 and 230 pounds makes him a pretty strong player. Played aggressive when he had the ball on offense and certainly is a prospect.


Lorenzo Wade, SG: The Louisville-bound product is a much better shooter than he showed on Tuesday. He picked it up in the second half but struggled in the first game. He was 7-for-15 overall which isn't bad but we've seen him shoot it so much better that expectations run high. Had a big time dunk in transition.

Isaiah Swann, PG: Like Wade, his shot wasn't there for the most part in either game. Still had one huge dunk, was able to get his shot off quickly and looked solid on offense as he continues to adjust to his new role at the point. Rondo's speed probably caught him a little off guard to begin the game. Credit him for going 9-for-11 at the line as both he and Rondo shot a lot of free throws.

Norman Plummer, SF: Forget the points (he had 14) and understand where his contribution came in this one. You can't shut Josh Smith down, but Plummer did his best to slow him down and it worked in the second half. He did this and still stayed active on the glass. He's at his best when he's offensive rebounding and using his "live" body to make plays. Terrific offensive rebounder.

Darian Townes, PF: Hargrave was going to get buried in the first game and then Townes came in. He blocked some shots, did a great job on the boards and actually gave Hargrave an identity inside. His presence under the basket changed the tone of the game and prevented Oak Hill – especially in the first game – from having their way inside and on drives.

Stanley Burrell, SG: Made a catch and shoot 3-pointer but that was about it. The Xavier-bound guard never got started and was not a factor in the game. Just wasn't his day and he appeared slightly tentative on offense.

Emanuel Willis, PF: Blocked Wright's first attempt but never settled down into a comfort zone and was not a factor. Still prefers to operate on the baseline on offense and needs to diversify his game. Athletically, he belonged but he's got to get rebounds in order to jumpstart his offense.

Ryan Wiersma, PF: This was the best outing we've seen him have. He made a few open jumpers, including a 3-pointer. Could wind up being a mid-major signee if he can put together a solid season. This was a nice outing for him.

NOTE: The official book's scoring totals for Oak Hill did not match up with the game totals


OAK HILL – Bamba Fall 0, Brian Johnson 15, K.C. Rivers 9, Rajon Rondo 25, Aaron Scott 4, Josh Smith 25, Donatas Visockis 0, Anthony Wright 3, Dayshaun Wright 6.

HARGRAVE – Lorenzo Wade 14, Isaiah Swann 20, Kevin Anderson 2, Norman Plummer 14, Darian Townes 7, Stanley Burrell 3, Emanuel Willis 3, Ryan Wiersma 11.

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