Willis Will Visit At Least Two More

Emanuel Willis is making the rounds. Last weekend he visited a Conference USA school and he's got one more planned and another in the works.

Emanuel Willis, a fifth-year prep at Hargrave Military, took an official visit to Cincinnati last weekend. Unfortunately for the Bearcats, it didn't go as well as planned.

"It was alright," Willis said. "It wasn't what I thought it would be." When asked if he was still considering Cincinnati, Willis called it "iffy" and in all likelihood, the Bearcats will probably eventually fall of his list.

So, who's left? Willis is considering Southern Cal, Virginia, Auburn, South Carolina and Miami. His official visit to Southern Cal will either be Nov. 1 or the 8th, depending on his status with the SAT.

The power forward also said that he has intentions of definitely visiting Auburn.

In Tuesday's scrimmage against Oak Hill, Willis struggled. "I just got off to a slow start and couldn't get over the hump. I didn't have a good game but I'll bounce back."

One of the things Willis said was difficult was the adjustment to the level of play. With the talent on the floor during the game, it was a college-level atmosphere and Willis is working on being ready to play each time out. He's got the talent; it's just a matter of putting it together.

"I wish I had a do-over," Willis quipped after the game.

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