Nwankwo Still Favors Arizona

Davis Nwankwo's situation has changed little since we last spoke to him. The No. 58 prospect in the land has one school in mind and his family is thinking of another direction. Here's the latest on the situation.

Arizona, Stanford, Virginia and Georgia Tech. Those are the schools involved with Georgetown Prep center Davis Nwankwo. At this point, everyone who follows recruiting knows that Nwankwo wants to attend Arizona. However, his parents would like to see him consider Stanford more.

"My heart is at Arizona but I could end up at any school," Nwankwo said. "My parents think the best place for me is Stanford. They think that no school can match it with them educationally. They want me to have a backup plan and they feel Stanford would be the best place."

The big man would love to get the issue resolved soon.

"I would like to get it resolved by November but my parents want me to wait to April. My mindset is that I don't want to lose to my opportunity so I could get this done by November."

Nwankwo says the other three schools are still actively recruiting him but they understand his situation. "I love those other schools. They know where my mind is. There might be a possibility that I could still go to those other schools. They know that I loved Arizona a lot. Of course, I'm still interested in all the schools."

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