2005 Focus: Tiki Mayben

Tiki Mayben decided against heading to Oak Hill with his Albany Rocks teammate, Dayshawn Wright. However, there's a good chance that the pair could reunite to play their college ball.

Don't be surprised if the next time you see Emanuel "Tiki" Mayben play, he doesn't have the same flash and flavor.

The 6-3, 170-pound Christian Brothers (N.Y.) junior point guard is trying to tone his game down after watching tape of his play this past summer.

``I try to get too fancy and I just have to tone it down," Mayben said. "We got a DVD of our games and I saw that I was too flashy. I don't want to be that type of player."

``I compare him to Terrell Owens," Albany City Rocks head man Jim Hart said. "He wants to win so bad that sometimes he can't control his emotions during games. But when you look at it, he just wants to win."

``But he's really matured and is going to school every day," Hart added. "Now when you call him, he's home. He's never out. He's getting good grades and starting to really mature."

Not only is Mayben trying to change his game; he's also trying to later his lifestyle for the better.

He was close to following his buddy and Albany City Rocks teammate, Dayshawn Wright, to Oak Hill – but decided to stay at home to be closer to his mother, who became ill recently.

``I'm staying in the house and just doing my work these days," Mayben said. "The environment I've been in hasn't been too good and I'm just staying out of trouble now and helping my mom."

Mayben may still head to Oak Hill after this season, but the bigger decision will be whether he follows Wright to Syracuse or heads to one of the other schools on his list.

The Orangemen are the clear favorite and, in fact, numerous other colleges have backed off in their pursuit because of the inside track Syracuse has already established.

``I still have to think about it a lot more, because other situations will come up," Mayben said. "But there's no place like home and it doesn't get any better than playing with him (Wright). If it's my choice, that's probably where it would be. I'd rather be with someone I've already played with."

Mayben also mentioned Florida, Kentucky and Louisville as possibilities, but it's clear that it'll take a mammoth effort to get him out of Syracuse.

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