Who's Left?

An incredible 71 of TheInsidersHoops.com's Top 100 prospects have made collegiate decisions. Wow! The number of pre-signing period commitments begs the question: Who Is Left?

Breaking Down The Top 100

Continuing what amounts to a four-year trend, high school prospects wasted little time in making commitments again this year. In fact, by our count, 71 of the Top 100 have already made decisions. So, what's the story on the 29 guys who are still left?

Likely To Decide Soon

  • Sean May, PF, No. 12: This long saga should end soon. Indiana, Louisville and North Carolina are the principle players. All of his visits have been made and now it's just time to see which way he leans. This could be over by the start of college practice at 12:01 a.m. Saturday morning.
  • Brad Buckman, PF, No. 19: Texas and North Carolina are the only two schools remaining. Both have been visited and the next step in the process is the decision. Texas has strong ties with him, but UNC closed the gap during his visit. Could go either way and we aren't buying the whispers that he might wait until the spring.
  • Travis Garrison, PF, No. 59: We think this one could be over before you finish reading this article. Unless something dramatic took place in the past few days, Garrison is all but locked up for Maryland. A decision could come by the end of the week. Shocker if Maryland doesn't get him.
  • Matt Haryasz, C, No. 86: This one could end soon. Like this week. It's basically common knowledge that the two schools to beat are Arizona State and Stanford, though others are involved. We'd be willing to bet this one ends around the same time Midnight Madness is getting underway; he's that close.

Should Decide Before The First Signing Period Ends

Jason Fraser, C, No. 20: First of all, he's better than the No. 20 we currently have him at. Quietly, Louisville has made some significant strides. However, St. John's, UNC and Villanova each have ties to him and various factions around him are pulling in different directions. Could go a number of ways.

Kennedy Winston, SF, No. 23: We haven't heard any rumblings that he'll pull the trigger real soon, but we have no reason to suspect that he won't pop sometime before the signing period ends. Schools mentioned include Alabama, Auburn, California, Cincinnati and Georgetown.

Hassan Adams, SG, No. 31: The race to get him heated up as UCLA, Arizona and Kansas challenged the early supremacy of California. After a huge summer, he blew up and the major Pac-10's came knocking. Again, no reason to think he won't sign in the fall period.

Andre Iguodala, SF, No. 35: Arizona, Arkansas, Kansas and Boston College are the four schools remaining. Before he decides, he'll have visited each program. Look for this one to end relatively soon upon completion of his final visit. The race has tightened and it's a tough one to handicap.

Brandon Roy, SG, No. 47: About five or six schools are still chasing him, but he said last week that Washington and Arizona are the frontrunners. He's not about to slip through the cracks nationally, but this kid could wind up being a better college player than high school prospect.

Kevin Bookout, PF, No. 57: The family ties favor Oklahoma, but Bookout is a big-time track athlete and that could help UCLA and Arkansas. The Sooners and Cowboys are also in the hunt and Illinois once had a visit scheduled.

Eric Hicks, ATH, No. 70: This one could be over by the end of the month or sooner. His final visit is to Florida State. He took a Tennessee trip and the Volunteers made a nice presentation and closed the gap with Cincinnati. He's open-minded and still looking. A good FSU visit could make this interesting.

Aliou Kane, PF, No. 81: He's going to take three visits: SMU, Minnesota and North Carolina. Obviously, the heaviest hitter on this list has a lot of irons in the fire as far as big men go, but we hear they'd take Kane no questions asked. The Ponies and the Gophers have been battling each other all year for him.

Ike Diogu, PF, No. 89: This one won't drag into the spring, but Diogu is going to finish off some official visits. Arizona State has been loyal to him and he's showing them a lot of respect. Illinois, Georgetown, Seton Hall and UConn remain in contention.

Chuck Davis, PF, No. 96: He's a big-time SEC target and we are hearing LSU, Alabama and Vanderbilt among others are in the running. He's a good inside-outside prospect and we'd expect some decision in the fall period. Waiting Until

Likely Spring Decision Makers

Lenny Cooke, SF, No. 4: There is no doubt that Cooke won't pen a letter of intent until the spring and that's if he pens one at all. He's trying to get qualified, but the NBA looms as a distinct possibility. He's ineligible to play high school ball this year.

Sani Ibrahim, PF, No. 15: Again, academics and the NBA are the factors that loom. Colleges aren't about to spend a lot of time on him right now unless they 1) see that he's serious about college, 2) get an indication he can qualify, 3) hear less about his NBA aspirations.

Julius Lamptey, C, No. 61: The big fella says he should be finished by March with his official visits. Illinois, Georgia, Cincinnati, Washington, Oklahoma State and Oklahoma are worthy of a mention. If he really does wait until the spring, he might be the best looking girl on the block and recruiters will fall madly in love.

Bobby Jones, SF, No. 95: The last article written on his said that there's a chance he waits until the spring to make his decision. Jones left Compton Dominguez this year and will spend his final high school season at Long Beach Poly.

Who Knows?

DeAngelo Collins, PF, No. 21: He's receiving almost no serious interest from colleges at this point. Most feel like he's ready to try some jump to the NBA. The reality is that he's a great talent, not a good talent, but isn't ready for that step. However, we could see him as a development league-type guy.

Antonio Lawrence, SG, No. 33: He's made public comments that college might not be for him. While we aren't sure what the pros think of him and they'd probably love his athleticism, getting drafted is no lock. With few colleges actively recruiting him, he could be another Development League candidate.

Matt Trannon, SF/WR, No. 48: This one is a football deal. In order to play both sports, Trannon will have to sign a football letter of intent. However, expect this terrific athlete to lace up the sneakers after the bowl season.

Keith Butler, C, No. 55: Plenty of big timers are peering in at him. However, a sickness in the family delayed his arrival at Celestial Prep and this one smells like a situation that might not develop until the spring.

Greg Brown, SG, No. 66: He wanted to commit to Iowa during the summer but that never happened. Now, we've kind of lost perspective on his situation. He's plenty good enough and can score so if academics aren't a problem, he should be a commodity.

Tedric Hill, PF/C, No. 67: In his lone public AAU appearance of the year, Hill played at the Atlanta Basketball Classic. He was tremendous; along the lines of Lamptey-type but with probably more offensive skill. The problem is, no one seems to know where he is. He's a serious prospect, but we just can't locate him.

Kevin Young, C, No. 98: Miami and Missouri are the two schools to beat, with Kentucky still talking to him. He falls into this category because though he has a good list of schools, there really is no rush to decide and his high school coach sometimes favors spring decisions.

Academics Are A Factor

JR Morris, SF, No. 40: He committed to Illinois early in July but that proved to be pre-mature once it was learned that Morris still had some work to do in the classroom. Right now, this one looks like it's flying in a holding pattern, and while the UI interest is still there things could open up as the year goes on.

Cortez Davis, SF, No. 64: He's prepping at Laurinburg this season. We continue to hear that academics are a bit of an obstacle. He committed to Maryland in June only to rescind his verbal. Now, Miami and Florida State are hopping he can beef up his test score.

Randy Foye, SG/PG, No. 69: The word on the streets is that if he were to get his academics in order, Villanova would be the school to beat. Seton Hall was in there at last check. There's no question he's a Big East player.

Marquis Kately, SF/SG, No. 82: He says that California is the leader and he's not really actively looking at other schools. If he can get his grades in order, sounds like Cal would be tough to beat.

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