Spring Stock Risers

Let's take a look at a half-dozen players who won't be putting their John Hancock's on a letter-of-intent in the next week and will instead watch as their stock soars:

Rajon Rondo, 6-1 ½, 160, PG, Oak Hill Academy (Va.) – The former Louisville Eastern (Ky.) scoring machine averaged 27.6 points, 9.1 boards and 7.5 assists per game last season and will have a big stage at Oak Hill to show college coaches what he's capable of. Always wanted to go to Louisville, but that won't happen with Sebastian Telfair in the mix. Charlotte, Clemson and Georgia have shown interest and Boston College has recently gotten involved.

"Rajon Rondo is poised to have a big year at Oak Hill. He's playing to his strength which is getting to the rim. He's tough to guard and likes to play in attack mode. The opportunity for big assist numbers is there and with great talent around him, he's doing a nice job of directing the show. He's about to take his stock to another level." – Dave Telep, TheInsiders.com

Bienvenu Songondo, 6-11, 245, C, Laurinburg (N.C.) – The Central Africa Republic native hasn't played in a while, but he's nearly ready to return to game action after suffering a knee injury while at Towson Catholic (Md.) last year. Came to the U.S. for the second semester last year and is now at Laurinburg (N.C.). USC leads with Texas, Georgetown, Maryland, LSU and South Carolina also showing interest.

``He's a lot like the kid we had last year, Asrangue Souleymane, who went to Cincinnati. But he's more gifted offensively. He's agile, can handle it and shoot it. He can do a lot of things and that's why coaches are so intrigued." – Laurinburg coach Chris Chaney

Winchendon Has Three Risers

Robert McIver, 6-3, 200, G – The Connecticut native has been all over the map. Down to Georgia, up to D.C., back to Conn., and now, finally at Winchendon. Good bloodlines as his father, Ron Moye, was a terrific shooter at Hartford. Strong player who plays hard; needs to learn how to run a team and play within a system. Clemson, Cincinnati, Providence, Temple and Virginia Tech have all expressed interest, but he has no offers yet. Fully qualified.

``He's always been more of a one-on-one type of guy. He's got to learn to make better decisions. He's made huge strides and is very talented. I really like that if he learns how to play, he'll be a hit commodity heading into the spring." – Winchendon coach Mike Byrnes

Jesus Verdejo, 6-4 ½, 200, WG – Puerto Rico native played at Miami Christian (Fla.) for Art Alvarez last season and was set to go to Temple, but didn't get the test score. He's qualified and has a good feel for the game. Providence, Baylor, South Alabama, Richmond and East Carolina are taking a look.

``When he can set his feet, he's going to make 60-65 percent of his shots. He just needs to understand to recognize a good shot from a bad one. But if he sees the shot and sets his feet, he puts up points in a hurry." - Byrnes

Frantz Dorsainvil, 6-8, 250, BF – Canadian has bounced around. Played at Elizabeth (N.J.) for a year, then at Notre Dame Prep and now at Winchendon. Iowa State and Auburn were interested although the Cyclones may be out now that they picked up Aaron Agnew. If he learns how to play hard all the time, he'd be a monster.

``He's a strong individual who, if he played hard every possession, he could be one of the top 25 power forwards in America. He's not a bad kid; he just doesn't know how to do it yet." – Byrnes

Aaron Pettway, 6-10, 230, BF, Hutchinson Junior College (Kan.) – Mobile, Alabama native never played a minute of high school ball and spent a few years in the military before landing at Hutch. Upside is the word of the day here. Mississippi State, Alabama, Georgia Tech, Georgia, Oklahoma State, Maryland and Florida State are just some of the schools involved. ``He's very athletic, is quick off the floor, has a great body and is agile and versatile. He's absolutely an NBA player." – Division 1 assistant coach

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