Who's Left? What League Won?

Just how popular is the early signing period? Well, as of Wednesday morning, 89 of our pre-season Top 100 seniors had made college decisions. Here's a look at what conferences fared the best and just which Top 100 prospects are still available.

In order to churn out recruiting class rankings on signing day, one has to assume a few things.

In our case, we've gone ahead and assumed that Shawne Williams, a 6-8 SF out of Memphis Hamilton will sign with the Tigers. Despite reports to the contrary, sources told TheInsiders.com that Williams (No. 19) will sign with Memphis. For now, he'll count in their recruiting class and also in the breakdown.

Here's the breakdown of where America's finest are headed:

2004 TOP 25 PROSPECTS: ACC (5), Big 12 (4), Big Ten (3), SEC (3), Pac-10 (2), Big East (2), C-USA (2), Undecided (4).

2004 TOP 100 PROSPECTS: ACC (19), SEC (14), Big 12 (13), Big Ten (12), Pac-10 (12), Big East (9), C-USA (6), MNT WEST (1), WCC (1), A-10 (1), WAC (1), undecided (11).

Who's Left? (Top 100 ranking)

(1) Dwight Howard: In November, it's customary to talk about college and spending a few years in school. In reality, guys like Howard wind up talking about how to avoid being drafted by the Clippers.

(9) Malik Hairston: He might commit this month but likely won't sign until the spring. Ohio State and Michigan could be out in front, but Michigan State, Oklahoma and Arizona are trying. Kansas, UCLA and Kentucky will probably continue to try and hang in there.

(11) Randolph Morris: The family says he'll sign in the spring and there's no reason to think otherwise. Since the beginning, Morris has been on his own timetable. It'll be interesting to see if he lets anyone but Georgia Tech, Kentucky and Clemson enter the picture.

(14) Joe Crawford: His father said it's 50-50 in terms of an early decision. It's Kentucky and Michigan. It could go either way.

(27) Tello Palacios: He says he likes Baylor, St. John's and Pittsburgh but he hasn't taken any visits and he's not going to sign early. He'll be a popular guy this spring.

(30) Kyle Lowry: There's talk that Lowry could decide on Thursday and it's common knowledge he's down to Villanova and Arkansas. Even if he does commit, Lowry says he won't be ready to sign and a verbal in November isn't exactly as solid as a signature.

(40) Andre Blatche: Academics are a hold up here. Otherwise you're looking at the most popular spring big man not named Morris. Academics permitting he could sign late or head to a prep school.

(58) Davis Nwankwo: It's no secret he favors Arizona and his parents like Stanford. Virginia, Georgia Tech and Miami aren't holding their breath. He says he'll sign early but who wins the tug-o-war at home is anyone's guess.

(68) Tyree Evans: Like Blatche, academics are a factor here as well. Unlike Blatche, he's also a big time football prospect. With no visits set up and few schools able to commit offers, he's a spring guy for sure.

(74) Jermaine Bell: Our information says that he's not enrolled anywhere at the present moment and we can't confirm he's even in school. If he does show up, he's a fifth year who snuck in on this list.

(80) Jerome Habel: Like Bell, we didn't realize he's a fifth-year guy so he doesn't belong on our high school Top 100 but he's a player. Back in October he waiting for his test results and said Cincinnati led. Still, we don't expect him to sign until late.

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