Tale of The Tape: Texas vs. Indiana

Texas or Indiana? It's a tough call. Here's the breakdown.

Texas or Indiana? You can't go wrong. Legitimate arguments can be made for each program. Some will rank Indiana ahead of Texas and others, like TheInsiders.com, will tab Texas. In the end, the Longhorns addition of three Top 20 prospects gave them an edge.

But, it's close. You make the call!

Assistant Coach's Comments

Based purely on talent, I think Texas is better. I think Lamarcus Aldridge has a chance to be great. Williams is really good. The guard [Daniel Gibson] is great. I think Texas is probably the best.

I'd have to go with Indiana. I love Josh. I just think he's special. I like D.J. White too. I like Ratliff. I like Indiana better. That's a big time class.

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