No. 30 Lowry Makes His Pick

Kyle Lowry, the nation's No. 30 prospect in America, has made a decision. He might not sign early, but he's found a school.

"He's gonna be a Wildcat," Lonnie Lowry said of his brother's choice. On Thursday, at a press conference, Lowry will announce for Villanova over Arkansas.

Arkansas had tightened up the recruiting battle for Lowry considerably after the Razorbacks official visit. However, Villanova is close to home and Shane Clark, a top member of the Class of 2005, is already headed to Villanova. Clark and Lowry are the best of friends.

Lowry has carved his niche as a winner. There's some innate intangible that he has to his game. The kid just knows how to win. His brother is also his AAU coach and he's seen it more than once.

"I don't think there's too many players, like high-level guys, that play as hard as him. He has this ability that every team he plays on just wins. We accomplished enough this summer with a team that I felt was middle of the pack nationally. If we went to a national tournament and there were 16 teams there, 8 of those teams were better than us.

"But, if you have Kyle on your team, they're going to win some games. He makes guys that are not on his level feel like they are."

Lowry may or may not sign scholarship papers during the early signing period. Should he pen the papers, we'll certainly report back with the news.

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