One Last Trip For Buckman

Relax, Brad Buckman hasn't made a decision yet. However, he's not done gathering information is going to make another trip to try and learn more about his decision.

Will Attend Midnight Madness At UNC

Austin (TX) Westlake PF Brad Buckman is having a difficult time deciding on a school. So, in order to clear some things up, he's going to make a trip to North Carolina this weekend for Midnight Madness.

"He's going to go and see what's going on," Brad's mother Tammy said. "He's just going to go and meet those guys and his coach from high school is going to go to. He wants to have a clear head and make a better decision. He's having a tough time.

"There has been no decision but he is going to back to Carolina on Friday."

Here's the likely scenario. Buckman goes to Chapel Hill this weekend and surveys the scene. He'll then return home on Sunday and begin hunkering down with the goal of deciding. His father is playing in the national senior club pro championship next week and the family would probably feel a little less pressure if his decision came before dad tees off later next week.

"He can't make up his mind and he feels like if he goes it might help."

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