What's Going On With Joe?

The speculation about Monday's press conference is over. Joe Crawford, the No. 14 prospect in America, has a decision about his college decision.

Speculation has been running at a pretty good clip that Renaissance All-American candidate Joe Crawford would decide on his college destination Monday afternoon. TheInsidersHoops.com has learned that the decision will not take place.

"He will not be announcing tomorrow," Crawford's mother Sylvia said. "He had made a goal during the signing period. His dad and I think that he needs to not try to pressure himself based on the early deadline and focus on some more important things, particularly his current senior year.

Crawford has narrowed his choices to Kentucky and Michigan.

Because Crawford won't put a pen to a letter of intent this fall, doesn't mean he won't make a commitment before the spring. "Of course he won't be signing until the spring," Sylvia said. "Based on other things, we don't expect to make any big announcement soon."

No one school had any influence on him in this decision. "It really wasn't an outside factor that caused this decision. It really is a decision that is influenced by Joseph Sr., and myself. We want him to take his time because it's a decision that will affect his entire future.

"The deadline wasn't necessarily an absolute necessity so we think that he should take his time and not be pressured any sooner than necessary."

At this point, there's no reason to believe that he'll add schools to his current list of two. It's much more likely that he decides between his two favorites. "No, those are still the schools that he has chosen. We just plan to spend more time with those programs in the coming basketball season. That's his choice, to continue his focus on the two schools that he feels are his preferred schools and that's Kentucky and Michigan."

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