Torn: Heel or Horn?

Brad Buckman returned home from his final unofficial visit of the year. Right now, this one has the feel of a situation that could go either way.

Decision To Come Next Week

Austin, Tex., power forward Brad Buckman returned home from his unofficial visit to North Carolina on Sunday.

"It was good," Buckman said. "I liked their Midnight Madness and how the fans got into it."

OK, so he's taken his official visits to North Carolina and Texas. He's now been to each unofficially. Now, it's time to decide. "I just can't really make up my mind," Buckman said. Does anyone lead? "Not really. Kind of North Carolina, but not really," Buckman said, hardly willing to endorse either program over the other.

Folks, this young man is simply having a difficult time making a decision. Texas, in his own words, gives him a chance to stay close to home and the Longhorns will have a pretty good team. UNC, again in his own words, has the best competition and plays in the ACC. Though he's a coveted basketball prospect, Brad Buckman is still a high school teenager, and he's one having a difficult time choosing what college to attend.

A week from now, we'll probably now his fate as he plans to decide following next weekend. "My parents are going to be gone this week, so I'll make [the decision] when they get back."

And so we wait.

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