Scouting Rajon Rondo

<b>BENTON, Ky. – </b> Rajon Rondo deserves all kinds of credit. His summer performance was just so-so, but he's having a terrific senior season at Oak Hill. Here's a closer look at his game.

So many kids aren't entirely comfortable with who they are. Oak Hill senior point guard Rajon Rondo is not one of them. The 6-2 Rondo, a native of Louisville, is one of the hottest unsigned targets at the point and for good reason.

With Rondo, what you see is exactly what you get. He plays to his strengths and avoids doing what is out of his skill set.

Basically, this kid is pretty much unguardable at the high school level in terms of getting into the paint. When he decides it's time to get to the rim there's little the defender does to slow him down. Athletically, he's solid enough to be a good finisher but if he gets into trouble at the point of attack he's adept at drawing fouls and smart enough to look for Josh Smith to dunk it or K.C. Rivers to kick it to in the corner.

He's putting up legit assist totals this year because he's taking care of the big men. Assist totals are the most abused stat in high school basketball but rest assured, Rondo's are the real thing.

The shot charts we've done on Rondo in the past don't lie. It's no secret that he's not a shooter. Every now and then he'll let one fly to keep the defense honest or because he's itching to pull the trigger but generally he won't get caught doing something out of his skill set. There's something to be said for that. Play to your strengths, avoid your weaknesses.

In summary, because he's so good off the drive, the Oak Hill forwards are getting great looks inside and Smith is getting to the rim and finishing alley-oops with flair and everyone is benefiting. Smith is looking good in front of the pro scouts with his athleticism and Rondo is becoming more of a high-major priority.

It's such a win-win scenario for Oak Hill it's not even funny. Illinois is making a big push for him. Georgia is in the mix and Arkansas and Boston College are fighting. Louisville will always be mentioned and staying as close to possible to his hometown is important so you can never count out the Cardinals if they offer.

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