2003 Spotlight: Will Sheridan

Hockessin (DE) Sanford has produced some fine basketball players, especially given the fact the First State isn't exactly a hotbed for talent. NBA standout Walter Davis is a Sanford alum. Ralph Blaylock (Towson), Tyson Waterman (Winthrop) and Laron Cephas (Maryland) all played at Sanford and now it's Will Sheridan's turn to join the list.

Sheridan Is Sanford's Next College Standout

Dexter Boney played at UNLV. Erik Edwards starred at Xavier. Tyson Waterman was the man at Winthrop. Lenny Brown and Gary Lumpkin took Xavier to NCAA tournaments. John Gordon got it done at Maine before transferring home to lead Delaware to the NCAA's. Ralph Blaylock played at Towson and once single-handedly cost this analyst's high school a berth in the state title game. These are some of the recent standouts from the state of Delaware.

Meet Will Sheridan, the next big-time college basketball player from the First State.

Sheridan is a 6-8, 210 pound power forward from Sanford. Last year, he averaged 19 points a game and was somehow mistakenly placed on the second-team all-state list. The oversight might have had something to do with Sanford's early quarterfinal exit in the state tournament. However, since then he's improved and was named to the underclassmen all-star game at the 2001 ABCD Camp.

The interest in Sheridan began the first day schools could send letters and it caught the big fella by surprise. "I had no clue they were all interested in me," Sheridan said. "The first day we were allowed to get letters all of these schools started sending letters. I wasn't ready for it and they all started coming."

The early evaluation period brought more coaches than Sheridan expected to Sanford's campus. Notre Dame, Villanova, Rutgers, Wake Forest, Virginia, Seton Hall, Michigan and Kentucky all came to watch him workout. Not in attendance, but making his wish list are Maryland, Duke and Georgetown.

Notre Dame's Mike Brey wouldn't have been able to recruit Sheridan to Delaware, but it looks like he's making a pitch to get him to South Bend. Sheridan wasn't really into basketball when Brey was Blue Hen, but he knows all about the coach now. "I wasn't really into college basketball then," Sheridan said. "When I started playing basketball it was the sixth grade. Then it clicked. I never really watched Delaware but I went to a few games. I knew of him before."

Wake Forest head coach Skip Prosser knows the state of Delaware as well as any major college head coach. During his tenure at Xavier, he had four players -- Edwards, Brown, Lumpkin and Lloyd Price -- who hailed from the state.

So, what's the draw with Sheridan? Well, for starters he has low-post scoring tools, plays under control and it's clear he has a nice upside. Toss in the fact he's a fine student, is 6-8 and you have yourself a player who will be heavily recruited.

He's already visited Seton Hall and Rutgers unofficially. "I have no plans for [more visits] but me and my parents want to get together and go see a few colleges right now and spring break go a little further."

Granted, he hasn't played against the world's greatest high school competition, but he's done very well while playing for Jim Salmon and the Tim Thomas Playaz. In high school ball, the motivation comes from within. "When I was younger, I wasn't as good," Sheridan said. "Those same players that I play against now used to crush me. Now, it's like straight up revenge. That doesn't mean those players don't have heart. You just have to try to go out and dominate."

On Friday, Sanford has an alumni game. Blaylock, Cephas and Waterman just might show up for old times sake. A few years from now, Sheridan will find himself in their shoes.

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