Bret & Dan's Excellent Adventures

College basketball is fun. Want confirmation? Listen to's Dan Wetzel and ProTrust director Bret Bearup. The two are in the middle of a road trip that would make most normal college basketball loving males in the United States eager to swap their season tickets for a chance to joyride with this dangerous duo.

Road Trip!

13 schools in 10 days. Watching teams from 9 different conferences in 8 states as you log over 2,000 miles of driving. Now folks, that's living.'s Dan Wetzel and ProTrust executive Bret Bearup are in the midst of road trip. Wetzel is filing daily articles from various college campues at the CBS website. Wetzel has the unique opportunity to watch practice, chat up coaches and get a head start on the season. In short, he's been working. Bearup on the other hand, well, he's just having a blast.

"He's the entertainment director of the whole deal," Wetzel said. "I write the stories, he hangs around and picks up tabs."

The pair is touring the countryside in Bearup's S505 Mercedes Benz, really the only way to travel if you plan on spending that much time in a car. So far, they've hit practice sessions at Missouri, Illinois, Indiana State, Indiana, Louisville, Western Kentucky, Kentucky, Xavier and Cincinnati. On Thursday, it's dinner at the Thundering Herd Café and practice with the Herd. Friday takes them to Charlottesville to check in with Pete Gillen's Cavaliers. Then, it's off to Tobacco Road.

The dangerous duo, and I mean dangerous in a good way, will stop by North Carolina on Saturday and spend Sunday with the Blue Devils. That's where this fortunate recruiting junkie gets to hop in the car and join in on the fun.

While watching hoops, schmoozing and turning in some late nights, the pair is having a blast. "It's been awesome," Wetzel said. "It's a lot of fun to pop around, especially this time of the year when everyone is so excited about the season. Sometimes we take it too seriously. This is college hoops."

The Bearup-Wetzel comedy act is pretty good. Two men with serious jobs, but neither takes the other seriously and it makes for plenty of laughs. "The amazing thing on this trip is how many people have asked me if I lost weight," Bearup said. "That's the personification of the ‘I Haven't Seen The Fat Guy In A While' syndrome."

Hoops, cigars, cocktails, dinners with friends and the occasional odd purchase make the driving worthwhile. "I bought a lunker hat in Horse Cave, Ky.," Bearup said. "It's basically a yellow hard hat. I went into a restaurant and nobody looked at me twice."

On a serious note, you can play back seat driver with Wetzel and Bearup CBS website and follow them on their journey!

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