Hairston Speaks On His Four

He's improving his game and formulating his opinions on schools. Detroit Renaissance small forward Malik Hairston talks about his recruitment and the schools that are involved.

Malik Hairston, the No. 9 prospect in America and a 6-6 winger from Detroit Renaissance, is the second-highest rated uncommitted senior in America. Life is good. His team is winning, they're ranked among the 10 best teams in the country and he's having a solid season.

"My game is coming along very good, I'm getting better by the day," Hairston said. "I've gotten a little quicker. I'm getting stronger. My jump shot is getting even better. Every aspect is really getting better."

While he's got a firm grasp on his game, he's beginning to really sort through his recruitment.

"What I've really done, I basically made the decision to wait. I'm still at Kansas, UCLA, Ohio State and Michigan. I'm going to go to a couple of Michigan games and Ohio State [games]. I'm really liking UCLA. Kansas looks real good. They look like they have something to build on in the future."

Hairston said that he's broken down each school and has identified some keys issues at each.

Kansas: "I think they'd be the best team to contend for a national championship and I'd play significant minutes as a freshman."

Ohio State: "They're struggling, they're not as good as they want to be. I think I'll have a more profound and defined role with Ohio State because they need me more."

UCLA: "They're kind of like Ohio State. They want to use me as a very big part of their program."

Michigan "Michigan is closer to Kansas. They already have some wing players there. I think I'd start at UCLA and Ohio State. At Michigan and Kansas, I don't think I'd start but I'd be able to contribute."

All things being equal, Hairston wants that player-coach-institution relationship. "I think it's basically a trust factor. I want to know they're going to take care of them and look after me. If I was blessed enough to leave after three years or one year, I want to be able to trust that they'll take care of me and I can go back to school and get my degree. I don't think I could go wrong with any of the schools but when know someone is looking out for your best interests that helps a lot."

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