Dillon Was A Real Find

When Arizona signed Daniel Dillon last month, it surprised an entire group of recruitniks. The unknown guard from Australia caught everyone by surprise. His high school coach has nothing but great things to say about him and his game.

Last month, when Arizona announced the signing of Daniel Dillon, even the most addicted recruiting fans were caught by surprise. A 6-3 guard from Australia? Playing one season in Kentucky? How did that happen?

"I don't have a clue," North Laurel head coach Ken Woods said. "I just don't know how they found out about him."

The important thing is that Arizona did uncover Dillon. Whether it was an overseas tip or a tip from a junior college in Florida, Arizona did its homework on Dillon, managed to keep him quiet and then swept in and signed him and had nothing to do with his arriving in the America at North Laurel.

Usually in instances like this, a school "places" a prospect at the high school once they "bring him over." As far as Woods is concerned, a connection landed Dillon in Kentucky, not a college basketball program.

"I had a player from last year, a foreign exchange student from Australia, that had played on his club team and recommended him to come to North Hall and that's how he did it," Woods said.

Dillon's interest in Arizona wasn't born out of a recruiting letter, but rather the Wildcats visit to his native country.

"From his home country, Arizona had made a visit years ago and played. He saw them play and then he saw them in the national championship and from talking to him that was the ultimate college basketball team. I think [the interest in Arizona] came because they visited Australia and he got to see them play."

While Woods declined to say what other schools had offered Dillon a scholarship, he did confirm that Arizona wasn't his lone scholarship offer. Still, it's amazing how little was heard about a 6-3, 200 pound combo guard prior to the signing date.

"I think [news] spread with some of the schools; it was just that I don't think anyone was going to make an offer until they saw him play in the States. What it boiled down to, Arizona more or less, went out and did their homework. They didn't wait around for someone else to grab him."

Speaking of doing their homework, Arizona might have hit the jackpot again. The Wildcats are expecting Serbian forward Ivan Radenovic to join the team this weekend. Radenovic is expected to arrive in Tucson on Saturday.

Meanwhile in Kentucky, Dillon is averaging 21 points a game. "He's a point guard and a slasher," Woods said. "He's still developing his shooting but he'll be a point guard on the big level."

Woods is convinced the Wildcats stole one. "I think they made a great decision because he's not only a good player but a good person. There's no doubt in my mind that they'll be able to teach him and he'll be able to excel."

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