2005: Millard Off To Good Start

Manchester (NH) Trinity High junior Chad Millard appears to be having a good junior year. Recently, his team suffered a tough loss but his recruitment is going strong.

Manchester Trinity lost to powerful Brewster Academy Tuesday night by 2. It was a tough loss for 6-8 junior small forward Chad Millard to swallow.

"In the first half we were beating them 17-2," Millard said. "In the second half they came back and made it a game." Millard was tough on himself after the game despite his 16 points.

"My shot wasn't going down [against Brewster]. You can't shoot well every night. That was our third game."

Yes, Millard talked about his shot not going down. Yes, he's 6-8. Yes, he can play facing the basket. In fact, when it comes time to start picking a school, he'll look for one that can enhance that part of his game.

"One thing I'm really looking at is I'm looking for schools that have produced players like myself. That's one reason why I'm looking at North Carolina State, because I've got the body like Julius Hodge. Louisville has Francisco Garcia. One of the things I'm looking at is players that are in the program now or they have produced to see if I play the same style they play. How I feel about the campus is crucial."

Georgetown was in attendance to see him on Tuesday night. Other schools have already been in to check him out and more will follow. Missouri, Florida, Kansas, NC State and Syracuse are in the mix. Louisville and Connecticut could be in the hunt as well. It's still early and Millard is careful not to close his list down.

However, he'll start making a move with his recruitment as the season progresses. Schools will begin making solid offers and he'll move the process along. "I'm looking at making a decision after this high school season. Pretty much all of the schools that I'm interested in have said that they're interested in me."

And why not? He's 6-8 with a stroke.

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