Tello Palacios: Beats to Different Drum

It's not that Tello Palacios is a bad kid and that's why he doesn't really want to talk to anymore college coaches. In fact, it's quite the opposite. He's too nice and just wants to focus on academics and his final season at Our Savior.

Tello Palacios is different. He doesn't really like the attention that comes with being a big-time player. He doesn't like the phone calls that come with the recruiting process, so everything has been put on hold.

In fact, when the calls come in – whether it's from North Carolina, Arizona, N.C. State or any other big-time program that is trying to get themselves in the mix, Our Savior New American coach Ron Stelzer always tells them the same line.

``He is interested, but he doesn't really want to talk right now," Stelzer said. ``He just doesn't enjoy it. It's the same conversation over and over."

Then when they ask what their chances are of being able to land the big, versatile Columbian.

``Slim," adds the coach.

The 6-8, 245-pound senior forward has really improved his body over the past few months, but his right knee is still bothering him back from an injury that kept him out the entire summer.

When asked about schools that Palacios is legitimately considering at this time, he rattles off a list that includes Texas, Kentucky, Louisville and Pittsburgh. Baylor was thought to be the leader because of head coach Scott Drew, but Palacios said his mother is not in favor of her son going to Waco with all that went on there in recent months.

All of those schools Palacios listed got in early enough that they are in the elite group that he speaks to on a fairly regular basis. Others that have been in touch with Steltzer within the last couple weeks include UNC, Arizona, UCLA, N.C. State, Florida State, Indiana and Michigan.

However, this is a unique situation in which little will happen prior to the end of Our Savior's season. After it wraps up, expect Palacios to take a visit or two and make a decision.

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