A Wrinkle In The N'diaye Recruitment

Last week, Homestead (FL) Berkshire swingman Ismael N'diaye committed to Kansas State. This week, things could be changing.

N'diaye's Commitment Termed "Soft"

It looks like Berkshire swingman Ismael N'diaye, a native of the Ivory Coast, is wavering on his commitment to Kansas State.

"He's soft on it," Berkshire head coach Rolando DeLaBarrera said. "He's having second thoughts about it. He's not 100 percent sure he wants to go all the way out there in the Midwest."

It's not a closed case in regards to the Wildcats, but it's clear there is some indecision on his part. So far, Kansas State has handled the situation well. "They've been fine, they are good about everything. It's a real gray area."

Stay tuned for further developments.

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