Pettway Leaning Heavily Towards College

While others around him talk about the NBA possibilities, Aaron Pettway knows he isn't ready to pick up a paycheck just yet. He's going to college after he finishes up at Hutchinson Community College (Kan.) this year.

Talk about being grounded. Aaron Pettway should be the poster boy.

The Hutchinson Community College (Kan.) 6-10, 220-pound sophomore, who many college coaches and pro scouts agree will be a certain NBA player someday, knows he isn't ready for the pros just yet.

``I know I'm not ready (for the NBA)," Pettway said. "I know that for sure. I want to go play Division 1 first. I need that. If I go to the league, I want to be ready. I'm not trying to be a project when I get to the league."

Pettway is far from satisfied with his play so far this season. He is averaging 7.2 points and 6.2 boards per game, but had a strong 14-point, 10-rebound effort in a recent victory over Sterling JV.

``My numbers are nothing outstanding," he said. "In fact, they're horrible."

But in all fairness, it's not as though Pettway is missing his shots. He's just not getting them.

``I'm not looking to get 30 every game, but to me I don't get the ball enough," Pettway said. " I'm not getting enough shots. The most I've taken all year is nine."

``I can only do so much if I don't get touches," he added. "I'm not mad or anything. I just try to make up for it on the defensive end."

And that's the part of his game, along with Pettway's ability to run the floor, that have coaches drooling to get him.

Pettway, who did not play a single minute of high school basketball after being cut from the Shaw High (Ala.) team twice, has already taken official visits to Mississippi State and Georgetown and he took an unofficial trip to Alabama when he was home in Mobile, Ala., for the recent holiday break.

The rest of the 23-year-old's list, in no particular order, is Maryland, Georgia Tech and Florida State.

``I'm not sure who else I'll visit after the season ends," Pettway said. "It's not easy."

``Sometimes I wish I could play two more years at Hutchinson so I didn't have to make this decision," he half-heartedly joked. "But the main thing I'm looking at with schools is how they play and how they are progressing."

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