2003 Spotlight: Anthony King

Here's a name you might have heard a lot about but we guarantee you will in the coming months. Power forward Anthony King of Durham (NC) Southern has a chance to be a terrific prospect.

King To Hold Court This Season

Anthony King, a 6-8, 235 pound power forward is a name college basketball recruiting junkies need to get familiar with. Last season as a sophomore, he averaged 12 points and 11 rebounds. Certainly those are good statistics, but you can expect he'll improve upon them this season.

"I've gotten bigger and my footwork has improved which means more movement under the basket," King said. "That's a big deal." He made tremendous strides since the close of last season and the end of the summer when he played a starring role for the NC Red Storm at the AAU Nationals.

As a low post scorer, he has plenty of tools and he says that he's hit the weight room and as a result he's gotten bigger and stronger. "I'm at 235 which is a shock. I've been in the weight room. I put on weight since the summer."

During the evaluation period, NC State, Virginia, East Carolina and North Carolina came in to see him. He took the attention in stride. "I'm pretty sure I was [surprised] deep down but not really. I've seen them before and I didn't let it get me overexcited."

East Carolina head coach Bill Herrion made the only visit by a head coach to Durham. King has been to ECU unofficially.

His high school team should be pretty good this year, but not having football/basketball standout David Noel until after the gridiron season will hurt a bit. "Until football season is over we'll be struggling. After that, we'll have more bodies."

King is looking forward to having some fun this year. He wants to jack up some long-range shots if he ever gets the chance. "I'd like to hit at least five 3s," King joked. "I would love to but I never really had the confidence in myself to shoot them. I'm saying to myself right now that I think I am going to take some 3s if we are up."

That should be fun.

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